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Infected or dead teeth need to be saved by way of a root canal treatment otherwise called an endodontic therapy. Usually, the procedure is pretty relaxed and can keep your teeth much healthier by conserving your tooth. The original meaning for Endodontic treatment comes from the Greek words "endo" which means inside and "odont" which means tooth. So, root canal therapies concentrate on treating the interior of the tooth.

The framework of a tooth breaks down from the exterior enamel to a solid layer of dentin under the white enamel. Inside the dentin lays the tooth pulp which is made from soft tissues and contains blood vessels, connective tissues, and nerves. The pulp extends all the way from the tooth's crown to the root tips where it joins to the surrounding root tissues. The pulp is influential throughout the development and growth phase of the tooth by creating the solid tissues to compliment the tooth. Additionally, the pulp is also important for older teeth since it gives nutrients to the teeth and its surrounding tissues.

Whenever the pulp gets infected or is irritated or inflamed, you could require root canal treatment. The origin or root pulp inflammation or infection might originate from many sources including deep root decay, over labored tooth from frequent dental applications, or a chip or crack. Additionally, a personal injury or shock to the tooth could possibly ruin the pulp even if there is no noticeable breaks or chips in the tooth. A neglected inflamed or contaminated tooth pulp can result in soreness in the tooth or the development of an abscess.

Sensitivity to hot and cold, inflammation, or biting pressure resulting tooth pains are many of the signs or symptoms of an infected tooth pulp. Oftentimes there may be no noticeable signs of any underlying issues, nonetheless, regular dental visits and digital x-rays will likely be able to disclose any problems to the pulp.

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