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There is a large part of the public that sooner or later in their life, will cultivate a clenching or grinding pattern and a good number won't ever be able to recognize it until their oral health care professional identifies it or a loved one recognizes it first.

Clenching one's teeth might be labeled as a condition, where the converging of the teeth for prolonged durations creates discomfort such as headaches occurring in the temporal area of the forehead, muscle exhaustion, and sometimes minimal to moderate wearing of the teeth, particularly the back teeth. Clenching the teeth might happen at any point in the day or night and may accompany increased tension levels for the sufferer.

Bruxism or grinding of the teeth more often takes place throughout the night while the sufferer is sleeping. The loud sounds created by grinding will commonly go unnoticed by the grinder but will be noticed by other people. Grinding will usually cause moderate and at times serious weathering of the enamel of teeth, in addition to cracking and chipping of the teeth. Both of these worries may bring about some loss of bone, some decline of gum tissues which could expose the roots of the teeth and may require additional dental therapies.

Recurrent long term clenching or grinding may cause pain in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), it can restrict movement in the joints, can trigger joint noises similar to popping and clicking, particularly after opening your mouth wide or during eating, might cause attrition of the surface bones within the joint space that might trigger osteoarthritis and muscle spasms if left untouched. The most accepted method for treating temporomandibular disorders is to build a custom-fitted bite splint which may either be worn solely at night or throughout the daytime as well. Bite splints help to evenly share the forces and weight of bruxism over all of the patients molars halting a recession of the gum tissues. Additionally, bite splints work to impede deterioration of the teeth and joint spaces, and help alleviate bothersome and agonizing symptoms like head aches, muscle spasms, tooth pain, and joint sounds.

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